Hi Rochelle,

First of all I would like to thank you for coming over to our house, the advise you gave us regarding Charlie's growling and snarling was very helpful and I am pleased to report it's working! He is doing much better, but most importantly, we feel more confident and relaxed which helps when re-directing Charlie's behavior. He also loves his Kibble Nibble, the kibble dispenser we purchased from you - the best thing ever! Thanks again for sharing your dog training knowledge with us and making us appreciate Charlie even more. ~Branka

When I came to Rochelle, she was my last resort. My previous trainer, as well as family members, had told me to put Diesel to sleep because she was too unstable. I was starting to believe them...until I met Rochelle. During Rochelle's initial evaluation of Diesel I knew I'd found the trainer that would help my girl. Rochelle's confidence, knowledge, dog wisdom, and 6th sense for reading dogs' body language is second to none. She is gentle yet firm when needed, and I swear she can speak "dog". I recommend Rochelle to anyone who is looking for a true dog whisperer. The changes I've witnessed in Diesel have been incredible! Rochelle creates fun ways for us to build Diesel's confidence and she works with me as well, to ensure I'm sending my dog the right messages. She has done so much for Diesel and me; I have such a closer relationship with my dog and thoughts of having to put my girl down for behavior issues are just a distant memory.   ~Cammy and Diesel

We were referred to Rochelle by our neighbors, who had worked with her with their dogs. It was before we got Ares that we knew we wanted him, and us, to receive the best training we could. The classes are excellent and Ares loves Rochelle. Still, to this day, he will get so excited to see her. As Ares got older we ran into a snag where he became aggressive towards other dogs. Rochelle helped us work through this with one-on-one training sessions. Though Ares will not be a dog to take to the dog park and play, he has learned control to tolerate or walk away from other dogs. I believe that dog training is a continuous process and Rochelle taught not only Ares, but myself as well, the skills need to continue having a wonderful, responsible relationship with my dog. Thank you!  ~K. Wilson

Our veterinarian recommended Rochelle to help us train our new 8-week old puppy, Sol. As first time dog owners, we were eager to get advice to form good habits and help him to develop into a happy, well behaved, sociable member of our family. Rochelle was very flexible about finding times to work with our family and Sol during the first year of his life to teach us how to train him. She also was responsive to little questions we had between training sessions to keep us on track and provided helpful hints and tools throughout the process. We now have the tools to discipline our sweet, lovable puppy!  ~Celiea

Dash, my Jack Russel, had bad manners. He wasn't aggressive, but he got way too excited and worked up at the sight of another animal. When friends brought their dogs over for a visit, Dash would bark crazily and we had to keep the pets separate. Instead of dealing with the problem, my husband and I just told visitors that they couldn't bring their dogs. When we decided to get pygmy goats, we knew we had to do something about Dash. Our friends who knew Dash were skeptical that he and the goats could ever co-exist, but we thought that Rochelle could get us there. And we were right. Using a system of clicker training, treats, and praise, Rochelle taught me how to refocus Dash's attention from the distraction (dogs, etc.) to me. Dash and I practiced in short, fun sessions for several weeks before the goats arrived. When I first introduced Dash to the goats he was excited but I diverted his attention back to me. Dash calmed down immediately and soon was able to greet the goats by simply touching noses through the fence instead of frantically pawing, barking and lunging. Dash, while very interested in his hoofed pals, never barks at them!   ~Shannon T.

When my boyfriend and I took in our rescue Olde English Bulldog, Sluggo, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. He seemed to be a decently behaved dog until we took him on his first neighborhood walk. He was so aggressive with other dogs, lunging and trying to attack. He was terrible on the leash and could not be controlled. He couldn't even have bones/treats because he would become aggressive with us when just walking by. We called Rochelle for help and are so happy we did. She was wonderful with Sluggo and he showed improvement even after the first day. Rochelle not nly trained Sluggo, but she trained us! He responded so well to the sessions and we learned how to handle difficult situations. Now, just a few months later, he is wonderful on the leash and not only does he not attack dogs on our walk, he hardly seems to notice them! And we are able to give him bones/treats again! He is a different dog and we owe so much of it to Rochelle at Loving Guidance. Thank you!  ~Jena and Chris

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