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Total Recall Training Program  $840*
Gone are the days of worry that your dog will run off while enjoying a romp at the park or beach! This program is designed for dogs with a complete understanding of basic commands while on leash. During 8, one-hour private lessons, your dog will be transitioned to a remote collar where they will learn how to perform all basic cues plus have a solid recall while off leash.
*Program cost includes your new Mini Educator remote collar system from E-collar Technologies, Inc.

** If your dog does not know the basic commands of sit, down, stay, walking on a leash and come, we will have to start there for your dog's benefit. This usually takes an addition 4-6 lessons.

***Discounts and Payment Plans are available

What are the benefits of remote collar training? 

There are many benefits to training your dog on a remote collar but I will focus on the top three here. The freedom it allows your dog to feel and enjoy is second to none. When you are in environments you know your dog would enjoy running around, whether it be an open field, the beach or a sandy dune while on a camping trip, you can allow your dog to run as wild and free as his heart wants but know you have a safe and reliable tool to call him back. It is the clearest training tool your dog will understand because the timing is impeccable and the correction is consistent. It removes the owner from the equation for those smart dogs that learn they only have to listen when the leash is on and in their owner's hands or the dogs are too big and strong for the owners. 

Who should consider remote collar training?

I would recommend remote collar training for anyone who likes to explore off-leash with their dog such as dog friendly beaches and off-leash parks. For those who are not agile enough to physically move quickly to catch their dog should they chose not to listen. For those who have a dog who is too powerful for them to handle physically. For those who have a dog who is consistently pushing the corrections of a training collar (prong, Starmark, martingale, etc). For those who have multiple dogs and for those whose dogs have behaviors that need to be stopped from afar like fence fighting, digging, etc.

Does my dog need to know obedience before starting remote collar training?

No. If your dog does not know their basic commands before starting remote collar training, they will be taught those to begin with. Although it does make the training process longer, it is important your dog understand how to perform basic commands off the remote collar first. This way, when the remote collar is introduced, it is paired with known behaviors allowing the dog to figure out the tool a lot quicker. 

What products do you recommend? Why?

I recommend, use and sell products from E-collar Technologies due to their simplicity and reliability. Most people only need a couple of  functions from a remote collar - a way to stop their dog from afar, a panic button, and a way to recall their dog. The mini educator from E-Collar E-Collar Technologies offers all of these making it less likely for an owner to chose the wrong button. There are 100 levels of low-level stimulation to  this collar so you can definitely find the right level for your dog in each situation. The collars are rechargeable so you don't have to spend a fortune in replacement batteries, the collar is small enough for most small  dogs to wear comfortably and the remote is comfortable for a hand.

Does the collar "burn" or "electrocute" my dog?

No, remote collars use low level stimulation.

Why so many lessons?

We need to introduce your dog to the remote collar slowly so as not to punish them unnecessarily. Remote Collars should be used as a back-up to your voice and they should not have to be used on high levels in low stress environments. The way to accomplish this is to pair the remote collar correction with known behaviors which teaches the dog that he is ultimately the one that can stop the correction, or "turn it off". Once your dog has an understanding of this while being paired with a leash correction, we move to off-leash training in low level environments (your house and yard) before going out in the public. I want to give your dog every chance possible to succeed so we go at your dog's pace, not ours.