Loving Guidance, LLC

Drop-In Classes and Pack Walks are held several times a month and open to all current and past students

Drop-In Classes are available for all current and past students and are designed to practice your dog's commands in a group setting that is structured and friendly. The goal of each class will be to practice all commands of sit, down, stay, walking on a leash, recalls and leave-it while learning new useful tools such as making left or right turns, approaching or being near other dogs and people, and having social skills challenged.

Check out the public calendar to see if there is a class you would like to join!

$10 per dog (cash only)

Pack Walks‚Äč - are designed for all current and past students to enjoy an outing where leash skills are practiced in a group environment while seeing beautiful parks and lagoons in North County. We will practice all skills of sit, down, stay and loose-leash walking while integrating with the public so bring tons of yummy treats for your dog to reward them for their hard work when attending.

Check out the public calendar to see if there is a pack walk you would like to join!

Free for all to attend