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  • No Grey Areas  May 7, 2016        There are 10 important fundamental tips I use and teach to my clients that all  encourage the success of their dog(s) training program by making everything clear and consistent between you and your dog during the training phase. What is the training phase? This is the part of your dog’s life that includes the rules and foundations of behaviors being set, and the length of time it takes them to learn this new behavior and follow through 90% of the time. This does not mean for life (unless warranted), but it definitely means...read more

Tails of a Working Dog OwnerJuly 12, 2015
With all the concerns going around social media regarding the movie Max, and how it will affect the Belgian Malinois breed, I thought I would share my story of owning a working dog. I once believed that any dog could flourish in a home as long as there was clear direction, consistency and a balanced relationship between owner and dog. I believed that no matter the breed, it could be done by anyone. Over the past few months I have quickly realized that this can be quite a fantasy. I have shared my life and home with different breeds of shelter dogs, most mutts of unknown origins and they all lived well-balanced lives. Once I started my career in dog training and behavior, learning the facets that contribute to how dogs learn and develop, it became clear to me that dogs....read more

The Amazing Starmark Training Collar  June 30, 2015
If you’ve ever met with me to address your dog’s tendency to forge while on walks, you probably already know about the amazing Starmark Pro-Training Collar. Developed by Starmark several years ago, this collar has been a true life saver for many dogs and has been my go-to training collar for dogs of all sizes. For those not familiar, let me tell you a little about this remarkable training tool​...read more

Mental Stimulation for Dogs: Food Puzzles  June 15, 2015 
I don’t know about you, but if I sit around and watch t.v. all day I start to feel agitated and anxious. I feel pent-up and start pacing the house saying I need to get out and do something. I have to believe dogs experience similar feelings when they are stuck in the house all day while their owners are at work. The working dogs, or any dog that has a lot of energy and drive, must go absolutely insane. And I know this to be true as my business has had many calls for “destructive” and “out of control” dogs that just needed a little more engagement in their lives...read more

The Importance of Puppy Holds   June 10, 2015
Some of you may be asking yourself what in the world is a puppy hold? And no, I’m not talking about the fun cuddle sessions we have holding little puppies while we smash our faces into their soft fur to get a big dose of puppy cuteness. Puppy holds are a fundamental necessity in the relationship building of an owner and their dog. Of course we all love to hold puppies, but I bet you never imagined it was serving a real purpose deep down inside for your beloved new family member did you? One of the hardest things for puppies to learn is the acceptance of being restrained, whether in a person’s arms, on a leash or in a crate. They will fight you and demand their liberty...read more

The Difference Between Service & Therapy Dogs  June 1. 2015
Which is which? What makes a Service Dog different than a Therapy Dog? Well, I thought I’d discuss this question in a little bit of detail in this week’s blog because I know it can be quite confusing looking at all the dogs out there with capes and tags, vests with patches, dogs riding on public transportation or visiting people in hospitals. Don’t worry! I am here to help decode all of this for you! A Service Dog is a dog that is specifically trained to help an individual...read more

Different Tools in Dog Training – A Highlight on Collars   May 26, 2015
As with anything in life, there are multiple ways to help you achieve your goal. Some things along the way help you while others seem to make no difference at all. The same is true with dog training which is why there are so many tools out there. The amount of different training collars can be confusing and leave you with more questions as to what is best for your dog. Of course, the only one who can tell you that it works properly is your dog. If the tool is doing the job it was created for, your dog’s behavior...read more

The importance of Your Dog Learning Dog Body Language  May 19, 2015
How many dog moms, and dads, do we have out there? A lot! Everyone wants to protect their furry loved ones but sometimes that over protection can be a hindrance to the dog’s mental development. Just as we had to figure things out on our own, dogs need to do the same to be socially adept and learn to communicate with other dogs. If we are always getting in the way of this process our dogs will never learn to either be receptive to another’s body cues or not learn...read more

Hello Everyone!   May 15, 2015
Welcome to my very first post! This is quite an endeavor for me so I ask everyone to keep their fingers, toes and paws crossed that I can succeed. Without further ado…..Let’s get started! This blog is being created so that I may share my thoughts and knowledge about dog training and behavior to my family and friends. It is a way to reach so many in hopes of keeping more dogs in their homes with quality time spent with their human families. You will find posts on many topics such as dog body language, training equipment, public perception, puppy training, training techniques, activities to do with your dog, simple training behaviors and...read more

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