​​​Rochelle Bowman 
Founder, CEO & Head Trainer
When I saw an ad in Dog Fancy many years ago talking about a place to learn everything about dog training and psychology, I knew I had to go. I quickly planned my life accordingly and soon found myself attending one of our nation's top dog training schools, Triple Crown Academy (now known as Starmark Academy) in 2003 where I graduated as a certified Canine Behaviorist and Training Specialist.

I spent the first couple of years volunteering my services to local rescues by fostering the "unwanted" dogs, those with behavior issues that needed to be modified to allow them a real chance at being adopted. After fostering, training and rehabilitating more than 20 dogs and puppies, I realized my true life passion was to help dogs communicate with their owners to keep them out of the "system" and in a safe and loving environment. I needed to help dog owners understand what their dogs were trying to tell them; what scares them, what makes them happy, what makes them angry, what they enjoy doing, etc. I knew I needed to help these dogs because I was finding too many of them dumped at shelters because their owners simply didn't know how to speak dog. So, that is how Loving Guidance came to be - a way for me to help keep dogs out of the local shelters by instilling good manners into their every day lives and help their owners understand a little more about dog psychology through love and guidance.

In 2014 I was offered a wonderful opportunity where I could teach more people how to read & understand dog body language by being offered a position with San Diego A.W.O.L. Dog Encounter Task Force, a wonderful organization that traveled to local precincts to educate law enforcement officers about canine body language. Over the next 3 years we were able to educate all of San Diego county law enforcement personnel on these topics. Due to the need for this training on a national level, including in other areas besides law enforcement, I created Canine Language Academy, a branch of Loving Guidance, LLC, that allows me to offer seminars on reading canine body language to all shelters, veterinary hospitals and law enforcement agencies across the United States. Shelters also have the option to have me teach their volunteer canine handlers how to teach the foundation behaviors of sit, down, stay and walking on a leash to adoptable dogs elevating their chances of adoption to a much higher, and faster percentage rate. 

Loving Guidance, LLC

I am a proud Professional Member of the IACP, NADOI and APDT and am certified to conduct CGC evaluations.